Thursday, September 28, 2006


North India is enjoying beer like never before. During the first quarter of 2006, nearly 5 million cases of beer were sold in Punjab and Haryana as against 600,000 cases in Q1 of 2005-06. Overall the 105 million cases-a-year Indian beer market is set to register a 15 percent growth in 2006-07 to cross 120 million cases, thanks to the phenomenal growth in the two states.

Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh witnessed record growth in government taxes following the recent policy changes. If we look at the April to July 2006 figures, the recent policy changes have increased the govt revenue in Punjab by 15.07 percent, Haryana by 19.65 percent and Chandigarh by 500 percent. The prime reason for this growth in government revenue can be related to the growth in beer sales in these three states. The new alcohol policy has come as a boon for these states in economic distress. In previous years, government revenue in Rajasthan and UP also increased by 50–100 percent due to similar policy changes.


As a step towards implementation of the model policy for alcohol , the West Bengal govt has recently announced a reduction in the Import Duty and Local Excise Duty, to be implemented from 1st November 06.

The detail of the duty changes are as follows:

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