Friday, March 16, 2007


The Delhi State Civil Supplies Corporation is requisitioning refrigerators on wheels to serve chilled beer. Is it a good idea??

With the hot summers approaching fast, the DSCSC has decided to requisition refrigerators on wheels to store and chill beer. These wheeled refrigerators would be kept outside the shop during the day and wheeled inside the shop at the time of closure in the evening.

The sale of beer increases 2-3 times in the summer. As the shops have limited space and most of them already have fixed refrigerators, the requisition of refrigerators on wheels will make sure that customers get chilled beer at any time of the day. The Delhi government owned corporation has around 100 liquor shops in various parts of the city and the refrigeration facility for beer would double with the new facility and help increase the sales and excise revenue for the government.

The DSCSC expects to generate Rs 372 crore by the end of this month. In the last financial year, it had grossed Rs 344 crore. The profit this year is estimated to be Rs 6.25 crore as compared to last year's Rs 5.63 crores. On two days preceding Holi, the corporation grossed Rs 10 crore, a new record in the sale of liquor.


Girish Kakkar said...

Chilled beer on wheels is a nice way of increasing revenue for the DSCSC. However, the move will not be acceptable to the society. The idea would certainly be welcomed by beer lovers of the city. Also, with Commonwealth Games round the corner and tourist arrival expected to grow, it will certainly be a nice move.

Abhijay said...

It is a wise and customer-friendly move. The consumers will indeed welcome the move in summer.

Venugopal said...

Beer lovers in the city will love the idea of chilled beer on wheels. Government’s revenue will certainly increase. The flip side is that drinking will get very common. People who were occasional drinkers till sometime back will now turn boozers. Accidents are bound to increase.

If the ethical side of consuming beer is set aside, the idea of requisitioning refrigerators on wheels to serve chilled beer is a good one.

The Best Thing About Beer.. said...

Encouraging beer is a good idea as it is a milder form of alcohol.