Thursday, May 11, 2006


May be Chilled Beer??

Interesting article which appeared in Mumbai Mirror recently.

Age-old excise policy on liquor and multiform regulations are hitting the beer industry

Brewers in the country are asking not to be regulated under the Punjab Excise Policy of 1905 for distilleries as it now affects them adversely. The government’s policy, which inadvertently discourages breweries, while encouraging distilleries, has put the beer industry at a disadvantage.

With regard of the Punjab Excise Policy, there are certain compliances mentioned in the policy, which are no longer feasible – and despite repeated pleas to the government there is no amendment to the age-old law.

According to the policy, liquor manufacturers cannot operate at nights and the operator is required to close operations after dark till the next day.
This policy is alright for the distilleries as there are chances of making spurious spirits and also of excise theft during the wee hours. However, there is no scope of making spurious beer as that process is as costly.

Also, there are different regulations in different states. An individual of 18-years and above can consume alcohol in Goa but not in Mumbai. Mumbai’s age criterion is 21-years whereas in Punjab, the age bar is 25 years.

Average global taxes on price of the beer are 33.6 per cent whereas, in India, taxes on beer are about 49 per cent and therefore, affordability of beer in the country is lowest compared to world standards. This way, the government is encouraging hard-liquor that is more harmful to the consumers.

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Anonymous said...

Globally it is recognized that when it comes to alcohol it is difficult to curtail consumption, hence the trend is to curtail harm.

It is also well recognized that Beer is a healthier option and its job and income multiplier is higher than wine and spirits

Consequently in most western countries share of beer in alcohol consumption is the highest at about 60% as compared to other forms of alcohol