Thursday, April 19, 2007


Guinness is the No. 1 stout in the world, famous for its dark colour and white head. Guinness Extra Stout, otherwise known as Guinness Original, is the closest variant to the Guinness Porter originally brewed by Arthur Guinness. Launched in 1820 it has been almost completely replaced by Guinness Draught and now only represents less than 5% of all Guinness sold worldwide.
The largest variant of the stout across the world is Guinness Draught, which was introduced in 1959. Thanks to the innovation of the widget Guinness Draught is now available in cans and bottles and as Extra Cold.

The stout's top markets are GB, Ireland, US, Canada, Australia, France, Italy and Germany.
Guinness is brewed in over 50 countries worldwide, and sold in more than 150. Diageo claims that 10m glasses are consumed every day around the world.

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