Thursday, April 19, 2007


Diageo is looking to up the presence of its Guinness stout beer in India. The company, which began a limited roll-out of the beer in Delhi and Bombay earlier this year, has confirmed that a national roll-out can be expected within the next few months.

Diageo plans to introduce Guinness in Bangalore in the near future followed by a roll-out across the whole country. The focus would primarily be on locations where people are already familiar with stout, such as high-end restaurants and five-star hotels.


Anonymous said...

No sign of Guinness anywhere in Bangalore! Do you have any more information on the proposed launch?

Anonymous said...

same here - where did you get this information from?

Johnny BigNuts said...

i love guinness.totally different buzz from beer.just got back from overseas and am searching for guiness stout in mumbai.any idea when it will start to sell in regular wineshops and at what price? ..cheers